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  1. Destiny v0.7.4

    But sadly no fix for steam deck users isn't it.
  2. Price guide

    PC for limiter please
  3. I Can't Play PSOBB

    It's flagged as a backdoor by defender and can't be turned off.
  4. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    How do I get this to notify me?
  5. Gameplay change list?

    Is there a list of the changes made to classes and monsters available ?
  6. Title. I don't really feel like going through ALL of them again, as I finished all the ones up to Gran Squall and new ones aren't appearing, despite all 4 areas being reachable by warp pipe.
  7. Weird Steam Deck Issue

    I'd like to know too as I plan to put this on Steam deck as well, a guide would be welcome.
  8. Hi all

    Already enjoying this more than GC PSo, huge thanks to the two kind souls who helped me with lvlup and items some time yesterday night! And skins and mods too.