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  1. silvia's TraderShop

    Sword LAVIS CANNON 【】40Pds 【】35Pds TWIN BLAZE 【】 3Pds STORMRENDER 【】 5Pds 【】 10Pds 【】 10Pds Gun CHRISTMAS SPIRIT 【】35Dts ※Dts sell only Armor SHADOW CLOAK(slot2) 30Pds PARAGON FLAME(D0.E0) 55Dts ※DTs sell only Shield VALENTINE WINGS【0.0】 17DTS ※DTs sell only Others P/B Flow 40Pds  Immortal/Power 20Pds 4thaniversary orb 18Dts ※DTs sell only Dark mater 13DTs ※DTs sell only mag 【】 2Pds Ord Of Ilusion 25DTs ※DTs sell only Wants List ※consultation required 2nd Aniversary wing Trade List (wish) 3rd Aniversary Blade(Galaxy) Over 90 attributes in total ※Hit attribute is not added (mine)3rd Aniversary Blade(Climson)【】
  2. silvia's TraderShop

    if you are interested in something, plz PM me. (日本語ok) 1st come 1st served. PM ONLY 1Donation Token(DT) = 10Photon Drops(PDs) = 2Photon Tokens(PTs) GC: 42003567