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  1. A>Frosbite 0/80/0/80|90h

    Ok, the auction is over. Holbewone won! Thanks for participing.
  2. A>Frosbite 0/80/0/80|90h

    1hr 30min to end. Go go go
  3. Valentine's 2021!

    I really need that for the cosplay of Rinoa *Final Fantasy VIII* This is my first event here in Destiny and is awesome all the content! I didn´t expected a new forest, and even less the love rappy instead the ladys
  4. A>Frosbite 0/80/0/80|90h

    Hi! i received this yesterday, lets see how much it worth. This auction over in 48hrs counting since this post was created. (Yes, i forget do it before. Thanks Mystery for remind me :D) 1 DT = 10 PD = 2 PT Good luck!