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Legion Recruitement Topic

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Welcome to Legion Recruitment Topic.

Legion is one of the oldest Team on the server including some players from Alpha and Beta and many staff members.

If you're a new player on the server and join the Team:

We will provide you starter gear

We will provide you advice and knowledge (I have written the majority of the "Collaborative Weapon Gear and Class Build" and "Beginner's guide"

We do have a nice lively Discord Server.

with text chat including:

Collective Hunting (hunt with Team Members for specific items you do need and people who are willing will help you out or hunt it for you in their free time.

Newly featured Team Bank (this includes VERY specific rules) with starter gear or internal trades for good items into it.

Specific GMT List from members so you know which player is in a Time Zone near yours.

Vocal Chat for Running/Chatting if you want.

Every Legion member is considered PSO Family.

Joining Legion means you accept and follow these rules:

Follow the server rules (obviously).

You can ONLY be in Legion as a Team on Destiny PSOBB and CANNOT join other teams while you're in Legion.

Everyone must respect each other.

Be Tolerant, Kind/Benevolent towards others.

Do NOT be a Drama magnet /make fruitless, unconstructive complaints / create unjustified Drama. We do have ZERO Tolerance specifically for that.

If you want to join Legion you can ask one of the leaders from the team in game or pm me on forums.

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