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In-Game Currencies?

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I'm curious if there are some introductory guides here to all the different currencies, where to most commonly find them, and what their uses are.

I'm quite familiar with most things PSO, but since this server has many new features, I wanted to know if there was a common location here to help me out!

PD: Gallon's shop (and ES weapons, but I assume those are moot now?)

PS: ^^

PT: Hit(?) on weapons(?) Specific quest, something about a bazaar?

DT: to trade with players if I have them.

Holiday/event items: (????)


Are there any I'm missing? Is there a good location of which new quests will help give me things?

I saw a picture in a random thread where you can spend 20 pds on a RL Calibur (50 in 3 spots???)

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Hey! :)

PDs - In my opinion there main use is to add % at gallons shop or for trading

They can also be used on this quest for mags, and non rare weapons suitable for Dark Flow / Meteor material and a few heavenly units.

They can also add specials to a select few weapons also listed here.

All info on exchanging PD's for these items can be found here under 'The Phantastic Bazaar'


PT's = Photon Tokens

They can be bought from the quest above 'The Phantastic Bazaar' for 6PDs each, but you can normally buy them from other players for about 5PDs.

You can add hit to any weapon with them (except for s ranks) as long as there is room for hit.

1 PT = 1 % of hit.

PT's can drop from daily crates or certain events.



DTs = Donation Tokens, they can be redeemed with GMs for items (although it is almost always cheaper to buy items from other players on the market forum)

DTs never drop in game,  and can only be created by donating to the server. Although you dont have to donate to trade for them with other players (I hope that makes sense)

DTs can be used to add % and hit - for a full list of what you can use DTs for see here: 




Exchange rate is typically:

5 PDs : 1 PT

10 PDs : 1 DT

so 2PT : 1 DT

In my experience players will take any currency to trade with.


Hope that helps a bit :)



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some typos - thanks Orgo!

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