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This is a guide for hunting Dark Matter.

(I know this is not a new guide for a lot of the advanced players, but I like to enlighten the newer players and help them get some insight on the easier advanced items to hunt.)

I hunt on a Fonewearl with the Yellowboze Section ID.

--The objective here is to kill as many Ill Gill as possible within a time period.--

Image result for line separators transparent

Quick Maths!

(These are my averages)

11 Ill Gill per 3 minutes

33 Ill Gill per 10 minutes

198 Ill Gill per 60 minutes

Drop Rate: 1/787.685

Image result for line separators transparentWeapons

(These are optional but do help speed up your kill count per hour!)5bbbfbcca0e69_clawofelements.thumb.PNG.90a20f26abe5b87d81c0f371814d7874.PNG








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