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Hello players from Destiny!

I'm Shisui. I'm from Austria and 22 years old. i havent played pso for too long but i've learned alot about the game and the mechanics. So I made a team called Uchiha, you'll recognize that from the teamflag.

Requirement for invitation:

  • active Player (i take this for real)
  • must be able to use Team Speak (for better teamplay/strategies)
  • knowledge about game mechanics/game itselfe (if you dont have, be willing and ready to learn ;) )
  • accepting that sometimes its better to act as 2p teams. or to hunt certain items on themselfe (cause of easy rates or anything like that)
  • follow rules from Destiny Server!

just a little note:
You won't get a invitation if you ask. you'll have to play with me/us to proof yourselfe. and if im convinced i'll think about it to add you to the team


What my thought about the team is:

  • to create a strong and trustworthy team with as less members as possible
  • to make crates hunts easier, cause as team we could help each other and lower rates for team mates (even if you got it already, just afk in room and its help enough :3 )
  • to help each other and to learn more about strategies and game mechanics noone have known already

I think this was everything i wanted to let you know bout my team. How to conntact me? find me ingame and we can do a run or two together ;)


Cheers Shisui


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