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Phantasy Star General (PSG)

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About Us:

Phantasy Star General is a gaming community dedicated to gamers who play online Phantasy Star games.


  1. All Destiny rules must be followed. No exceptions.
  2. All are welcome to join our team. However, we do not want members who seek to, or actively disobey the rules established on this server.
  3. All members of the Destiny community, the playerbase and our team included, are to be treated with respect. We like to joke around and have fun, but not at the expense of others.
  4. Just be yourself. We want to create an engaging, fun, and cohesive environment.
  5. Our team lobby is located in Lobby 13.
  6. Save the drama for your mama. Deal with your issues in a mature manner, please.
  7. Team games must use the team password.
  8. Members should be somewhat active while in the team. If our team is full and there are inactive players while other players are trying to join, then you may be removed. Especially without any notice of being on leave.

    Legitimate excuses for being on leave may include vacations, business trips, military deployments, etc. PM me if you think you're going to be gone for a while and I will excuse you from being removed.

Applying for Membership:

If you would like to become a part of this team, please post on this topic with a bit of an introduction about yourself and what previous experience, if any, you have with Phantasy Star Online.

Member Capacity:


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Hi hi , i Am Darkwinter 17 , im a not much sociable but alot active player , im ready for anything ! , i have been playing over  6 years in private servers of pso , 4 on ultima but ive quited from that server for over 2 years thats what i remember , im more knowed as Moiy sanchez from that server , you will see me in game as Anya or as a Fomarl bounce

ah yeah i forgot, i camed here because my old ultima team is quite rip lol , so i wanted to knew new experiences from another server , a Friend Called Silver from ultima told me about this server,he said that my friend Magic maded the server and sabrina helped , so i definitively camed to this one , was planing to go to schthack but when someone told me that all players loosed their items i decided to never get in that server, saw the choko's server and i didn't wanted to play there too because i don't know anyone from that server , but when i saw the trailer , i was so hyped and i instantlely maded an account lol  so im there hehe , im planing to make some new friends here ! 

nice to meet y'all and gl with ya hunts !

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Hey there, I'm RenA, I'm been playing PSO since V2 before shifting to Game Cube and finally BB when it was still up officially. Back when I was playing back then, I'm quiet usually but in every installment I played I try my best to be active and run things with people to help or even give things away that people would want or try to help some people starting out. This is my first private server however and things are... quite different so I'll have to get use to adjusting how things are. Right now I'm currently working on my HUcaseal Lux who is right now very undergeared until my luck turns around but I do have Ultimate unlocked.  I'd like to resume what I did in the previous games and contribute the best way I can once I'm able too. After all, games like this is more fun in groups, obviously. =p

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Hi I have played psobb since 2005 on many different servers. I have gone by the names of TMhav0k, Gunmaster, rashan0121 etc. I used to do Time Attack in the past but i mostly play for fun now. All previous teams I have been a part of have died but yours seems fairly active. I have got 4 chars to ult including FO which can help out for team runs.

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