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Well apparently I never made a post when I first started, which was back in August of 2019 :P. I played pso back on the gc with @Vapid Dominance back in like grade school. We played a bit on Ultima when found out PSO was still alive on the interwebs. Found this server and love all the custom features and boosts. Takes the tedious grinds out and lets you get to mid/late game before getting burnt out on the game. 

Goals I have for myself are getting a good hit Rathalos greatsword. Been really enjoying the HUnter class as of late. My two max/close to max are my forces so I primarily run a support style when i play with others until my Ranger and Hunter get to end game gear.


In-game names are Gaara FOnewm, Bardock Hucast, WhiteWolf Hunewearl, and Mera FOnewearl

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