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Destiny v0.6.3 patchnotes

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Destiny v0.6.3


  • Dark Falz Buster now properly hits 3 targets.
  • Reflex Gear EVP reduced from 550 to 380.
  • Death Reaper now properly makes megid pierce.
  • Boondock Saints ATP increased by 100.
  • Armageddon ATP increased by 50.
  • HP/Flow unit boosted significantly. Now increases 1HP every frame instead of every second.
  • Soul Biter grind increased from +25 to +75.
  • Soul Biter model updated.
  • Added Race of the Mags event winner.
  • ...And a surprise mag handpicked by Shiva.


  • Lobby 1 trees replaced with fountains.
  • Added /killcount command.
  • Nar Lilys now drop Trigrinders for bluefull normal episode 2.
  • Poison Lilys/Hildebears now drop Digrinders for bluefull normal episode 2.
  • In other words, if you need grinders, go make a bluefull.
  • Some client improvements that allow for some cool features in the near future.


  • Fixed a bug with room notification and /roominfo command sometimes showing wrong leader section ID.
  • Fixed a bug with unsealing counts.

Changes and new droptables are live. Enjoy!

If there's any issues, don't hesitate to post them in the bugtracker.

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