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Found 2 results

  1. I've lost an item from my inventory after maintenance, is there a way to get it back?
  2. Website and forum maintenance complete! So, what has changed? Website: Forgot password function Ability to resend activation email and change email after registration Improved backup system (In addition to hourly backups, we now also have offsite backups twice a day) Lots of small improvements across the site All server timezones set to UTC (GMT+0). Forums: The entire board is now powered by IPS 4.2. This means access to all the IPS features, such as: Status updates Cover profile photos Better shoutbox etc. In addition to that, we now have these features: Dedicated team sections controlled by team leaders and assigned moderators, intended to be a hangout of sorts for teams in pso. Anyone that runs a team in PSO is allowed to create a team on the forums. You have two choices when creating a team: Open Team: Everyone can see the team and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Team: Everyone can see the team and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. You can also upload your team flag (or rather a HD version) and a cover photo. User ranks based on reputation. Here are the ranks and their differences: 0 rep: Member Inbox space: 40 messages Allowed likes per day: 5 Limited access to the ideas & suggestions topic. Members can see and discuss suggestions and ideas posted by themselves. 100+ rep: Contributor Inbox space: 60 messages Allowed likes per day: 10 Full access to the ideas & suggestions topic. Contributors can participate and discuss all posts and topics. 300+ rep: Legendary User Inbox space: 80 messages Allowed likes per day: 15 Full Access to the ideas & suggestions topic. Legendary Users can participate and discuss all posts and topics. Other changes: The forums can now be used on all devices. You don't need a working beta key anymore to access the forums. As long as you have an account, you can log in. The beta key is still required to access the homepage, drop table, account management etc. Enjoy!