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  1. Good way to grind?

    Bruh I love the sound of Rafoie. More Phantasy Star games should have Rafoie in it the way it is in PSO1. No other PSO game has done it justice so far (we'll have to see about New Genesis I guess lol)
  2. Good way to grind?

    I don't spend a lot of time in Destiny, so I don't know a lot about the server. Are there any particular quests in Ultimate for grinding levels? MY FOnewm is 151 and I'd like to get him to 200.
  3. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    Whenever I try to open the Destiny Reader when I'm in the game, I get an error in Japanese. Once I hit OK, the game crashes. The Reader works fine by itself, but of course has nothing to read because the game isn't running.
  4. LFM - Looking for Materials

    Weird. Whenever I pick World of Illusion in Ep2 Vhard it kicks me out to the lobby almost immediately.
  5. LFM - Looking for Materials

    I need HP mats, TP mats, and especially Mind mats. What would be the most efficient way to farm these, and the best section ids for farming them?
  6. Is offensive magic viable on this server?

    I understand not wanting to force playstyle, but there's no point in investing in offensive magic if it isn't going to be optimal in the future. Thank you for all your help. I've been told elsewhere that DMC is not as harsh here as on other servers and I should go ahead and play as I want, so I'm going to do that for now. If it becomes a problem later on, I'll cross or burn that bridge when I get to it, whichever is more appropriate at the time.
  7. Is offensive magic viable on this server?

    My main question is whether offensive magic is valid as a playstyle in muliplayer. DMC is the main reason it wasn't in server's I've been in before Destiny.
  8. Is offensive magic viable on this server?

    Doesn't really answer my main question, but thank you for the warm welcome.
  9. Basically asking how magic is boosted in this server, if damage cancel was fixed, etc. Please, please PLEASE don't bring Solo up. I'm asking about multiplayer functionality only.
  10. Greetings.

    I'm very excited to have found this server if some of the things I've heard about it are true. I played a FOnewm back when my GC copy of PSO 1&2 worked, and when I found Blue Burst through Ultima and later Ephinea, turns out DMC (damage cancel) is a thing and offensive magic, the entire reason I made a force character and the playstyle I enjoy the most on PSO, wasn't viable in muliplayer. This lead me down the path of the original game's balancing which resulted in a lot of frustrated nights, but the thought of going back to that playstyle here makes me happier than I ever thought possible. Because of that, I'm super excited to play here, and I hope I make a lot of friends during my time here.