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    alright. I am putting all this on the table for 1 of the 2 options. Would be happy to get this weapon. My items up for trade: Boondock Saints 50/0/0/45 Death Reaper 45hit Tiger Fang &Dragon Claw (blank) Master Raven 35/0/0/25 Mother Garb+ Dragon Tear Sacred Cloth 0slot Spirit Garment 1slot Striker Plus Hunter Wall 10 pds If has 40+ hit willing to throw in Arrest Needle+60 (0/50/50/50) (add to list for dts) Wanting: Grave Digger 35+ hit 20 DTs Thank you for looking. If you have lower hit GraveDigger, I would be willin to negotiate.
  2. B>Glide Divine Normal & S

    Pm'd man.
  3. Zwene´s Shop

    Hey. Will you take a pd for 30hit hell laser?
  4. (CLOSED FOR NOW) B> Stuff / S> DTs

    Let me know if master raven trade don't go through. I have one with ab/Mach. Just pm me.
  5. Selling Some finds

    Thanks for that. Didn't know. Pm'd
  6. Selling Some finds

    Sure. Pm'd
  7. Selling Some finds

    Alright. Gimme like 15 and I'll pm. Same. 15 and I'll pm. Thanks
  8. Selling Some finds

    bump. updated.
  9. S/T Red Ring(Done and Closed)

    I got MG+ For it. Pm if you wanna make the deal.
  10. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Lil question. Could be solved with a link. -Was wondering. Starting to notice rare mags have different abilities; some heal, some buff, some invincibility. Are activations only near death and 100 pb?
  11. Selling Some finds

  12. Selling Some finds

    awesome thanks then not a clue what happen. hopefully dont do that on future posts. tried editing myself but couldnt find font changes. BTW EVERYONE. ITS ALL STILL UP FOR SALES - SORRY FOR THE INCONVIENCE >.<
  13. Selling Some finds

    I'm trying to change the format now. I just started typing on it. Not sure what happen. Thanks for letting me know. Ha can you edit it?! I'm looking for format. Sorry everyone
  14. Selling Some finds

    Edit: got some new stuff for sale. will try to keep up to date. PM or Reply.(PM perferred) Feel free to make offers and thanks for looking. Weapons: 50nat 45dark Boondock Saints 45 hit death reaper(hell) 14DTs 30nat kitetsu 40nat 35hit Oblivion(charge) (sold) 35 hit diska of braveman. 1 pd 45dark 35hit silence claw(dark) 1 pd Armor/shield: Mothers Garb+ spirit Garment 1slot striker plus Units/Techs/Parts: v501 x1- 2 pd c/mind x1- 2pd Dragon Tear