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  1. Setup for Lutris or Bottles

    If you figure this out, will you please get back with me? I can get it running seemingly great, but nothing I do allows me type a party name making it impossible to actually play. I can type to log in and I can type a party password. Just can not type in the field to make a party name.
  2. Weird Steam Deck Issue

    Getting Ephinea or Ultima going is pretty easy. All of the wine stuff doesn’t need to be done with Proton updates. On the Ephinea forums, there is a very good guide. Even Destiny is almost perfect, I just can’t type in the field to create a party which makes it impossible to get to the actual game. Sucks, but I haven’t found a solution yet. Here, Reddit, a Discord group, no one who knows a solution is sharing.
  3. Weird Steam Deck Issue

    When using the Steam Deck, I can not type in certain fields, but others I can. This happens with both a Bluetooth keyboard and the onscreen keyboard. Example, I am unable to name a group, but I can type in a password. I can’t type in a new character name, but I can type in the login fields. Any ideas on what is happening here?