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  1. Primal Nexus Farming Guide

    I would like to say thank you for this guide. I actually got my Primal Nexus ONLY because of this guide. It took me 3 days and 2 Happy Hours but it is and was SO worth it. I have recently discovered that I can use a Gi-Foie strategy to clear this about as fast if not shave a little time off (if everything goes correctly) More people in search of Primal Nexus and V802 should definitely see this guide. <3
  2. I'm Koro. :D

    Hello, I'm Koro! Aaaaaaand at some point I had made an account on this server but had no recollection of it. But upon re-discovering this server I was shocked that I just never stayed around. I have been playing PSO for years and years. It took up a rather large chunk of my childhood and I am ok with that lol. I am super happy to say that I got my first ever 200 here on this server! It has been a blast and I am still hunting a particular set of items. Lookin' at you PGF lol. So far everything about this server has been outstanding from the Happy Hours and Dailies to the custom items it's all absolutely fantastic, and I am so glad to be a part of the community here! I am usually running around on my Fonewearl, Elena. Or my RAcast, Othello. I have met several chill people here already but hopefully I can meet some more chill people and go on grinds and adventures with you all.