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  1. Constant Disconnecting

    At most lately its been whenever i do runs in forest from what i have been noticing lately. Or sometimes its pioneer 2 where I have not even started anything and I am taking breaks to mag feed. No I'm not using any skins or reshaders I just run the game as normal without anything extra since other servers have told me "server is full" error. So i choose not to take the chance with that (even though as much as i really want to but id rather not). I'm currently not at home right now and running on their internet connection (their internet connection is private within the store).
  2. Constant Disconnecting

    I have been playing the server for a few months and actually enjoy it. Though lately I have been having issues to where I wouldn't be even the game for one whole hour and I'm already disconnected from the game. Or there are have been timings where it literally has only been 1 hour and already becoming disconnected once again. Another would be not even 25 minutes and already disconnecting once more. Is there any way I can fix this issue? I am not using any NPC skins what so ever yet still deal with the issue constantly and its been bothering me.