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    Hello =) I'm new to PSOBB and to PSO on computer. Yesterday was my first try and (once I figured how to chat) it was great to be in a party with other players! So yes, I'm enjoying it more than solo on the GameCube (got to Caves on Ultimate ^^) but at the same time the XP rate seems a little too fast. So far I'm nearly lvl 20 and only beat the dragon on Normal! (All the way to Ultimate + all quests in Normal only got me lvl 70 on GameCube). So here's my question: would there be any way to command "less" XP? (I think 3 would be a good multiplier for me for example) I'll probably switch it back to the normal rate after lvl 50, but to start off it feels like 1 kill = 1 lvl and I'm too strong for the gear I'm wearing Either way, I'm glad to have started on PSO BB, especially walking around is so much faster than GameCube, so it's gonna be less "waiting for the character to reach the end of the corridor" and more fighting whatever's at the end of said corridor Thanks Hanto