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  1. hello, new player here

    Nice QoL addition there. I already have a sort of writers block when it comes to thinking up names. The ID system kinda amplified that where I'd have a name I want but it would come with a force ID.
  2. hello, new player here

    I've just downloaded the game ( haven't even played yet ) just thought I'd introduce myself first and pay my respects to the destiny community. About me: I'm an oldschool player who played during the original release on dreamcast. I've been NOL'd three times, and kept going. I played on the GC and xbox but never got around to blueburst until now. You will probably see me in my own solo rooms but I'm not anti social, I just want to level on my own and get decent gear first as I hate the feeling of being a useless noob getting power leveled, which is not to say I look down on such players who engage in that, its just a personal preference of mine. Looking forward to see what I missed on the PC version and thanks for supporting the PSO community.
  3. hello, new player here

    Thanks bud, I'd like your comments but I ran out of likes to give, haha.
  4. hello, new player here

    VIRIDIA is the name of my Racaseal. The name calculates to that same ID and I like shot and rocket type weapons so I just went with that. Not sure what my Hucasts name will be, but honestly.. I stress over coming up with original sounding names. I'll sit there for over ten minutes naming RPG characters. I named him Coca~Cola on xbox because that's what his red and white color scheme reminded me of.
  5. hello, new player here

    Ohhh, so this is a harder version of the game? That's cool, I enjoy a challenge. Oh and its not that I'm too proud to ask for help ( maybe I worded that poorly ) I mainly just don't wana be a burden on other players or for them to feel obligated to help me level. Also I'm not the type to just hop in peoples rooms without being invited but when I level and get good enough gear I will make open rooms titled ' join anyone 'or something to that effect. I was having problems logging in earlier - was getting an e-mail confirmation error, probably on my part but I think I got it worked out now. Hucast and Racaseal are my favorite classes so this might be hard but I'm going with them anyway, lol.