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  1. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    Different classes have different growth rates, right? This seems to be for only some sort of cast?
  2. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    well thanks everyone for the answers and insight. I have to admit, i still don't see how a higher crit rate is worth sacrificing higher base stats, but that's just me
  3. So a friend and I were playing and we noticed a couple weird things. First of all, that luck mat is a rare drop. As far as we were aware, luck mats counted towards the same mat counter as power, mind, etc., so why would luck be changed from a normal item to rare? We didn't think luck was that valuable of a stat before. Secondly, why are you only allowed to have one scape doll both on your person and in the bank? In the original server you could stock up on dolls for particularly difficult missions, but now that is apparently impossible since you can literally only have 2 stocked up. Is this a bug or intentional, and can someone please explain why?