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  1. Destiny v0.69.420 (april fools)

    This one is probably my favorite. Particularly the "however, while in this mode, other players can also attack you."
  2. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    On its face it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, until end game anyway. The crit rate at 100 luck is very nice. I'm not sure the % but it is very noticeable. Unless you are a FO then its pretty well no good.
  3. T> for typeDS/D.Saber

    I wasn't sure if it was one of the Type - M weapons that could be gotten from crates
  4. T> for typeDS/D.Saber

    TypeGU/MECHGUN [Hell] [20/0/0/10|0] TypeME/MECHGUN +30 [Demon's] [0/0/15/0|0] TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [35/0/0/0|30] I'm looking for TypeDS/D.SABER would prefer hit but not required. If you have one and do not like what I'm offering please PM me as well, we can figure something out.
  5. Sciaz's Bazaar

    Bump - added items, reorganized and added prices
  6. Game Crashes every 1-3 minutes

    guessing all went well. but there are other things that can be causing the same thing. 1. missing data files 2. inconsistent model and texture files resolution: copy files from a backup folder or re-install game
  7. Game Crashes every 1-3 minutes

    Change your Windows Operating System’s Data Execution Prevention settings. You can find your current setting by going to the Windows Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> “Performance” Settings -> “Data Execution Prevention” tab. Select “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” or add an exception for PsoBB.exe if you select the launcher instead it will fix nothing. it must be the psobb.exe file
  8. Sciaz's Bazaar

    Please PM offers, want to keep the topic clean 1dt = 10pd = 2pt Come one come all, dig through the junk. You may just find a diamond in the rough. Item pantry ( free stuff ) 1-5 pd 10 pd 11 - 15 pd ???? pd - prefer trade for wants Wants - still have a lot of these >.<
  9. A>claw of elements 25hit

    And the winner is Hawk ^.^
  10. A>claw of elements 25hit

    CLAW OF ELEMENTS [35/0/0/40|25] This is the item I'm auctioning Min bid will be: 3DT = 6 PT = 30pd Ends: Friday Feb. 28 @ 8pm cst
  11. T>Photon Spere

    awesome ^.^ I'm in game now. Char: Rayn err I mean Sciaz9
  12. T>Photon Spere

    I want to exchange for either 10DT or 20PT Any help would be awesome.
  13. T>desert eagle

    trade complete
  14. T>desert eagle

    that sounds great
  15. T>desert eagle

    I am looking to trade my DESERT EAGLE [0/30/0/0|30] Want List Any high end mechgun hit/30 (that can be used by female characters) prefer Passion Haze or Celestial Fusion