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  1. Radiants Trade list

    yeah, i Made a trading room just now too Edit Thanks for the sales !
  2. Radiants Trade list

    CELESTIAL FUSION +30 [0/0/0/0|20]SLICER OF FANATIC +30 [0/0/90/0|0]BRINGER'S RIFLE +9 [0/0/0/0|50] could I get these three for 7pts then?
  3. Radiants Trade list

    how many PDs or PTs for any of those ? I'm definitely interested in them, though i don't have the greatest price gauging since i'm still kinda new here
  4. Radiants Trade list

    Things i want to buy / trade for V502 V503 Hit charge hellion sword last emperor Batwing Excalibur Mortal Ruin Rambling May Slicer of fanatic Celestial Fusion Bringers rifle or Parts Hopefully i could get some of these with PDs / PTs Stuff I got so far to sell / trade away MYSTIC SPIRIT [0/0/0/50|0] Various stuff i picked up