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    I’ll just add this for fun. The all hunted, loved, highly traded special of all creation. the all mighty trapsearch
  2. Destiny v0.7.0

    Now I’ve seen the force video I think I’m gunna start a force as well as a main racast that weap was amazing, first time seeing things like this it’s truly outstanding perfect work team destiny
  3. XMAS 2019!

    Hi all amazing event, when I start next week I won’t be able to hunt on ult for the ubers but I’ll take full advantage of the 10x exp and free section Id, cya all on 3rd of jan and if the delivery firms good it will come a bit quicker we’ll all have fun. ty for the team at destiny for bringing an amazing event, now the king is out, cays.
  4. Hi all CursorKing here

    Hi all I’m getting a new pc about 3 of jan, been without one for ages, I used to play on other severs for over 10 years, now I can’t wait to play here so see you all then and have a wounderfull time ty all