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Srr all I’ve been kinda meh.

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CursorKing here, I’ve just come down with a bout of manic depression for the last 2 months, I wasn’t bothered about anything, laying in my bed all the time and when I played on my pc I started to hack because I wasn’t thinking properly and in a terrible place, well to cut a long story short my depression cost me my health for over 2 months and my accounts on both here and schthack, I’m coming round quite a bit now, but it just shows I guess depression can make you act totally out of character, and now I’m starting my new accounts here and on schthack, if I caused any trouble I’m srr and yes the king is well way to recovery ty all ;)

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To be clear, in case this is also some form of appeal, the accounts/ips you used cheats on won't be unbanned.

But I appreciate the apology. Your new accounts won't be banned on sight but better play by the rules this time like everyone else.

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