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Changes to donations

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We’ve made some changes to the donations since the system is almost 2 years old and some options were obsolete or outdated.

Donation Rewards

  • Dark Matter price reduced from 80 tokens to 25 tokens.
  • V802 price reduced from 25 to 10 tokens.
  • Centurion/Battle price reduced from 25 to 10 tokens.
  • Genesis Armor (max) price reduced from 25 to 15 tokens.
  • Removed Excalibur.
  • Removed Genesis Armor (min).
  • Added V503.
  • Added State/Maintenance.
  • Added Immortal/Battle.
  • Added D-Virus Armor.
  • Added level 20 and level 15 tech pack.
  • Added Rathalos Greatsword.
  • Added Last Emperor.
  • Added Grave Digger.
  • Added Final Egg Blaster.
  • Added Celestial Fusion.
  • Added Skyfall.
  • Added Zu’s Punishment.

Check out the rewards here: Donation Reward List

Keep in mind that it’s generally cheaper to buy items from players than from GMs.

Donations in general

  • Revised the main info post. Check it out here: Information & How to donate
  • Added tutorials for each donation method including a guide how to donate via Cash App for US players.
  • Added support for donations via steam wallet cards as temporary option.


Thanks to everyone for their donations and support for the server over the last 2 years.

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