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It's finally time. For the past year plus, we've put our blood, sweat and tears in this project, to provide the PSO community with a great, new, wonderful experience. The project has been in alpha/beta for a long time, but It's finally time to share!



Celebration time!

  •  x5 Experience
  •  x3 Drops entire launch weekend
  •  Freely change section ID
  •  Free Meseta
  •  Infinite Mag Feed
  •  Free launch gift!


Hope you're as hyped as we are!

Note that the server is far from perfect, and we work on it every day, but you may encounter bugs. If that's the case, please post them in the bugtracker.

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10 hours ago, MadOrNah? said:

Glad it's finally launched, was looking at the count down timer for the longest lol.

Good to see you here :"L

Edited by yanvbraz

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