EASTER EVENT 2021! Happy Easter from Destiny PSOBB!
  A super awesome Billy Hatcher theme throughout Ragol, made by @Shiva ™. Also includes themed monsters.
Egg Rappies
Of course the Egg Rappies are back, dropping Easter Eggs that contain various stuff. Find the Rappies in Episode 2 Temple.   Chaotic Casino   An infamous evil Doctor decided to open a casino in mines! But some things didn't go according to plan, and now the slot machines are raging out of control. Do you have what it takes to enter the chaotic casino and save Ragol from this mechanical madness?   Drops: Primal Nexus

"This strange artifact is embedded with ancient magic. A proficient caster can harness this magic to empower offensive techniques and magic resistance."
DFP: 180-200
EVP: 250-300
EFR: 45   ETH: 45   EIC: 45   EDK: 40  ELT: 40
Required Level: 200
Boosts ALL offensive techs by 30% Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 2 / Ultimate / All ids   D-Virus Armor

"Armor enhanced with a D-Factor virus. The virus empowers your abilities, increasing attack speed and defensive power."
DFP: 600
EVP: 200
EFR: 32   ETH: 32   EIC: 32   EDK: 32   ELT: 32
Required Level: 200
Boosts attack speed by 80% Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 1 Mines / Ultimate 
ID'S  Virida, Greenill, Skyly, Bluefull, Purplenum.   D-Virus Launcher "A powerful virus flows through this ultimate weapon. Its true potential is awakened when the owner has low health."
ATP: 300-360
Grind: +80
Required ATA: 210
Special: Berserk
Targets: 4 The lower your HP gets, the more projectiles it fires with each shot. Under 1/2 HP this weapon fires 2 projectiles to each target, under 1/8 (dark flow mode) it fires 3 shots per target (for a total of 12 shots).  Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 1 Mines / Ultimate
ID'S  Pinkal, Redria, Oran, Yellowboze, Whitill.   Returning drop: Zu's Punishment "A mysterious cane created from the head of a Zu. Its special attack launches 3 fireballs."
ATP: 465
ATA: 60
Required MST: 1100
Tech Boosts: foie 60%, gifoie 50%, rafoie 50%
Special: Launches 3 level 16 foie forward. The foies benefit fully from tech boosts, making each one around 80% as effective as a single foie. Skin by @Shiva
Code by @Magictrick Drops from: Shambertin / Episode 4 / Ultimate / All ids   x10 XP & Free Section ID For the entire duration of the event! Use /sectionid to change your section id. The event lasts for around 4 weeks.   ENJOY!!!