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Tips: How to farm buffed Baranz in EP1 solo/4p

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Char: Racast

Quest: Mine offensive


Heaven Striker M%(or something high M% weapon that can penetrate high DFP) 

Comb Cannon or Power maser (to shot your CT. comb works to sweep up mobs around you also.)

Snow Queen or Froozen Shooter

Demon Yasminkov 9000k


you don't need so much hit/attribute on your wep, you just need to penetrate high DFP of casino baranz.


good luck. (sorry for super delayed SE, i can't handle it :))




Chars: RAct, RAct, RAmar and FO

Quest: Mine offensive

video will come soon (prolly)

need to split in mid of run to spam faster.

x50 casino baranz/15mins

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