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Guide to Play as DRAGON Boss

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Quest: Towards the Future

Minimum 2 Players (2 Male Characters)

Maximum 4 Playerrs (at least 2 Male Characters)

Only Room Leader can be the DRAGON

After the DRAGON dies, the Player dies too and wont get the EXP

When the DRAGON kills all players, you will get teleported back to the Boss teleporter while the others are at the hospital.


What to do:

Enter the Quest, go to the Bank and talk to the black dressed Fomarl.

She will give you an Access Code.

Now depart to Forest 2 and access the Terminal in the first room.

Activate it. Hit "Yes".

If you have done this, you can enter the Boss Teleporter

Explore and enjoy your new gained Powers.



Note: u can only dive into the ground after u RAAAWWWWWWRRRRR!!! once.

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Hahaha! I forgot all about this little trick. Thanks for the reminder, it'd be quite the surprised for some who are not expecting it lol.

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