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Best Drops/ID's per Hunt

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Here some useful Hunt infos made by @Magictrick

Hunt Info

Episode 1 Towards the Future (TTF)
ID                           GEAR

Viridia                   Dynasty Armor, Anti-Dark Ring                                                                        
Greenill                Kroe's Sweater, DF Shield                                      
Skyly                     Glide Divine S, Red Ring
Bluefull                Dynasty Armor, Kroe's Sweater, Dark Falz Buster
Purplenum          Heart of Dark Chao, Centurion/Battle
Pinkal                   DF Shield
Redria                  Glide Divine S, Red Ring
Oran                     Rico's Glasses
Yellowboze         Death Cannon, Dark Falz Buster
Whitill                  Twin Pallasch, Red Ring


Episode 2 Respective Tomorrow (RT)
ID                         GEAR

Viridia                 Trap Search, Heart of Dark Chao, PGF
Greenill              Death Cannon, Last Swan, D-Photon Core
Skyly                   A New Friend, Elemental Shield, PGF
Bluefull              A New Friend, Ninja Suit, Planet Eater
Purplenum       Oblivion, Elemental Shield, PGF
Pinkal                 A New Friend, Virus Armor: Lafuteria
Redria                A new Friend, POST, PGF
Oran                   Frostbite, State/Maintenance, D-Photon Core
Yellowboze       PB/Flow, PGF
Whitill                A New Friend, PGF


Episode 4 Point of Disaster (POD) (shambertin/kondrieu)
ID                       GEAR

Viridia               Heavenly/Ability, Pandora’s Box
Greenill            Reflex Gear, Tripolic Reflector
Skyly                  Judgement Blade, Pandora’s Box
Bluefull             X-Parts, Siren Glass Hammer
Purplenum      Dark Matter, Clio
Pinkal               Heavenly/Ability, Centurion/Ability
Redria              Genesis Armor, Limiter
Oran                 Thirteen, V502
Yellowboze      Immortal/Ability, Heart of Dark Chao
Whitill              Mystic Spirit, Lame D’Argent


Episode 4 Desert Run (Saint Million)
ID                       GEAR

Viridia               Girasole
Greenill             Judgement Blade
Skyly                 Rupika
Bluefull             Clio
Purplenum      Three Seals
Pinkal               Rupika
Redria              Heart of Dark Chao
Oran                 Laconium Axe
Yellowboze     Girasole
Whitill              Rupika


Episode 1 Ruins (Path to Salvation, Harmony of Despair)
ID                        Gear

Viridia                Master Raven, Centurion/Luck, Bringer’s Arm, Ninja Suit, Combustion Cannon
Greenill             Molten Ring, Bringer’s Arm, Spread Needle, Last Swan
Skyly                  Glide Divine X, Archfiend Armor, Death Reaper, Kitetsu
Bluefull              Boondock Saints, Oblivion, Last Swan
Purplenum       Desert Eagle, Boondock Saints, Spread Needle
Pinkal                Claw of Elements, Death Reaper, Centurion/Legs
Redria                Judgement Blade, Kitetsu, Spread Needle, Death Reaper
Oran                  Subzero, Sword of Despair
Yellowboze      Glide Divine X, Business Jacket, Sword of Despair, Spread Needle
Whitill               Handgun: Guld, Archfiend Armor, Energy Storm


Episode 1 Mines (Lost Soul Blade)
ID                       Gear

Viridia               Parts of Baranz, Mitsunari
Greenill            Parts of Baranz
Skyly                 S-reds arms
Bluefull            Magic Rock Moola
Purplenum      Parts of Baranz, Centurion/Arms
Pinkal                Immortal/HP
Redria               Kasami Bracer, Energy Storm
Oran                  Soul Biter
Yellowboze      Parts of Baranz, Kasami Bracer, S-reds arms
Whitill               Parts of Baranz, v802, S-reds arms


Episode 2 Seabed (Phantasmal World 3)
ID                        Gear

Viridia                Yamigarasu, Red Phantom Field
Greenill              Tiger’s Fang & Dragon’s Claw, Yas 7k, Blue Phantom Field
Skyly                   Twin Blaze, Red Phantom Field, Zanba
Bluefull              Zanba, Mitsunari
Purplenum       Yasminkov 7000v
Pinkal                Tiger’s Fang & Dragon’s Claw, Hitogata
Redria                Aensland, Hitogata
Oran                   X-Parts, Zanba, Rainbow Shield
Yellowboze       Yasminkov 7000v, Zanba, Hitogata
Whitill                Soul Biter, Yamigarasu, Grave Digger


Episode 2 Tower (Raid on Central Tower(ROCT),Lost Heart Breaker (LHB))
ID                        Gear

Viridia                Red Phantom Field
Greenill             Immortal/Mind, TP/Flow, Blue Phantom Field
Skyly                  Sealed J-Sword, Yas 7k, Yamigarasu, Dragon Sword, Centurion/Battle
Bluefull             Mitsunari, Mystic Spirit
Purplenum       Armageddon
Pinkal                Molten Ring, Tormentor, Red Phantom Field, Dynasty Armor, Genesis Armor
Redria                Exterminator, Twin Blaze, Immortal/Power, Desert Eagle
Oran                   Mitsunari, Immortal/Body, L&k38 Combat, Rainbow Shield
Yellowboze       Twin Blaze, Immortal/Legs, Dark Matter
Whitill                Immortal/Luck, Yamigarasu, Psycho Wand, Genesis Armor


Episode 2 Max Attack S
ID                        Gear

Viridia                 -
Greenill              Immortal/Mind, TP/Flow
Skyly                   Sealed J-Sword, Yas 7k, Immortal/Arms
Bluefull               -
Purplenum        Armageddon, X-Parts
Pinkal                 Molten Ring, Tormentor
Redria                Exterminator, Twin Blaze, Immortal/Power, Desert Eagle
Oran                  Mitsunari, Immortal/Body, L&K38 Combat,
Yellowboze       Twin Blaze, Immortal/Legs,
Whitill                Immortal/Luck


Episode 2 Central Control Area (CCA)
ID                        GEAR

Viridia                Heart of Dark Chao
Greenill             Last Swan
Skyly                  Immortal/Arms, Elemental Shield
Bluefull             Ninja Suit
Purplenum       X-Parts, Elemental Shield
Pinkal                 -
Redria               Proof of Sonic Team
Oran                 State/Maintenance
Yellowboze      PB/Flow
Whitill                -


Episode 4 Desert (Mop Up 3#)
ID                         Gear
Viridia                 Hell Striker
Greenill              Slicer of Fanatic, Heaven Striker
Skyly                   V502
Bluefull              Grave Digger, V101
Purplenum       Hell Striker, Heaven Striker
Pinkal                 Heaven Striker
Redria                Heaven Striker
Oran                   Slicer of Fanatic
Yellowboze       Heaven Striker
Whitill                 -


Episode 4 Crater (MA4DMD)
ID                        Gear
Viridia                V101, Inferno Blade
Greenill             Cannon Rouge
Skyly                  Swordsman Lore, Vivienne, Lame D’Argent
Bluefull             Limiter
Purplenum       Swordsman Lore
Pinkal                Mother Garb+
Redria               -
Oran                  V502, v101, Vivienne, Lame D’Argent
Yellowboze      V101, Cannon Rouge
Whitill               Vivienne, Laconium Axe



pls nuuu D:

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Just now, JanenbaDMS said:

Do we have MA4DMD now?  I haven't noticed it in the quest list before or is it one of the ones in japanese?

nah we still need it but it will be there soon :D

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I am assuming this is all Ultimate. I guess I will have to browse VH and below myself to see whats good there =P

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2 hours ago, Manaphy said:

But what about addslot? Where's the best chances at?

EDIT: Best is Normal Redria Temple (Rare enemies)

----> VH Yelllow Garanz. It's common enough not to worry about them and then you could evven do during HH

Atm spamming the Christmas quest (the one for current event for materials) has lots of garanz so while spamming that for materials, do so in yellowboze for addslots :)

Edited by Spuz

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42 minutes ago, Manaphy said:

Quick question: Which episode is this event on?


It's episode 1 mines: VR ---> Christmas Catastrophe.

But yeah red is better  (Rare enemy in Red Temple 'Normal'), But VH yellow is good while doing the Material Quest (2 things at once) ;)

Edited by Spuz

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1 hour ago, Manaphy said:

Something else I wanted to ask: What's the best way to grind max level techs? I'm just curious here.

From my experience so far ultimate mines and crater are good for lvl 20 techs.  Got pretty much all of my lvl 29/30s from just doing ruins runs (no quest)

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