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  1. Deldepth Farming?

    That... Was just what I was looking for Haha. Thanks a ton bro. You rock!
  2. Deldepth Farming?

    Hey fellas. Im getting ready to start farming deldepths in hopes of a hit grave digger. I was wondering if you guys could recommend me a quest for farming them. This is one monster I never really had to farm before, and with the abundance of custom quests I feel I may be missing out on something. Whether it's a quest that has a handful near the start, or a quest that just has a ton of them throughout. Any feedback appreciated!

    Thanks a lot for this event. Sounds fun! Keep up the good work Destiny team!
  4. WTB Power Mats

    Hey fellas. I'm looking to buy power mats using photon tokens. I need about 100 total. So just either post here, message me, or hit me up in game to let me know how many you have. My IGN are Radiance and Barrage. Thanks.