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      Photon Token mini event   10/18/20

      Hi, since main event is delayed, we are gonna activate photon token drops while this month. it drops from all enemies, higher difficulty gets higher drop rate. you can add hit% on weapon with photon tokens in bazaar quest (EP2) 1photon token = 1hit%   For Japanese:   ENJOY!


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Status Updates posted by Thegmk

  1. Do the Special attack Megid shots from Mortal Ruin get increased hit% with V502/503? Additionally, what about Hit% on the actual weapon? Is it useful, or not, because it's technically a tech?

    1. Depassage


      Its megid 25 the only thing that can alter it is the use of Fonewearl as it will pierce. I don't think Hit is mandatory on it. it depends which enemy you're planning to attack.

  2. Thegmk

    Happy birthday!

  3. I'd love to get a few people together to hunt soon! I've played almost entirely solo here and I'm in dire need of teammates! 

    1. Never


       aaayyy ,  Im always willing to go on some hunts =)