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  1. Muckbeast WTB List: Updated Fri, April 2nd, 2021: Dark Matter Immortal/Battle
  2. Right. I am looking to BUY a dark matter and an immortal/battle.
  3. Updated Friday, April 2nd, 2021!
  4. First come, first served!

    Thread was posted 10:28pm on Wednesday, March 31st. So doesn't that make it a cruel hoax, not an April Fool's Day prank? I refreshed this post for 3 hrs during Happy Hour and it never unlocked. I was bummed. April Foo's Day is a menace!
  5. First come, first served!

  6. This triggers one of my biggest pet peeves in all video games: not being able to see wtf is going on. I don't play GRAPHICAL video games to be in the dark, or have invisible enemies you can't see (even worse when they block your ability to move, so you just randomly get "stuck"). This is even worse when it is mobs you are going to be killing thousands of. I have read there is a skin that makes them shady/smoky colored so at least you can see them somewhat. Does anyone know how/where I can get this skin? Are there better graphical settings for this that make them show up more? Right now they are driving me frickin INSANE. It is so absolutely miserable dealing with thousands of annoying invisible mobs that just ruin my ability to see what I am doing. Thanks!
  7. Invisible Sinows are driving me insane.

    Thanks. Unfortunately in CCA there is not any water on the ground I do not believe. Also, I always j/z them and don't see any debuff particles either. I was told to have enemies all the way down to the left, and shadows to the right. I also don't have LOW RES TEXTURE checked. I'll try your settings. Thanks!
  8. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    That's why I would dig it as a toggle.
  9. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    1) Someone I just recruited to Destiny from reddit specifically asked me about a rare item drop sound. Apparently it is a standard feature elsewhere. I play with sound off most of the time, but I agree this would be a great feature. Having it in the Destiny Reader would be even better for me than in the game, b/c then I can keep my game sound muted and keep the rare alert sound ON via Destiny Reader. 2) OMG YES, YES, YES. The only stuff I truly care about as drops are: a) rares (duh) b) materials c) techs Everything else is trash. I almost wish there was a way to toggle off all orange/blue drops entirely, but that's far more extreme than just a DR filter.
  10. Thoughts on Orb of Illusions

    I typing a response and it started to get off topic so I stopped and will make a new thread about that instead. I think your analysis is sound and conclusions are apt. I'd never be able to tolerate this level of RNG. The problem with brutal RNG like this is not just that it might take on average 15-20 hours to get an item. The added soul crushing problem is that in your example, after 10 hours of grinding, you are literally no closer to getting one than you were 10 hours prior. Part of what makes pure RNG grinding so painful is that failure is absolute. It is not even slow progress toward your goal. I'm starting to venture back to my other idea so I'll stop.... TL;DR - I think any brutally rare grind is bad for the game, bad for community, and bad for overall enjoyment of the game. Most of us have played this game for many, many years. Clearly the gameplay loop itself is good enough to keep us coming back for more. Brutal soul crushing grinds is more likely to alienate people and drive them away. That is far worse. If people are having fun, they'll keep making new characters and gearing them up. NOT being able to get things to drop is the real problem, not people "running out of content."
  11. Primal Nexus Farming Guide

    Great guide! Woot. Thank you!
  12. Updated: WTB Three Seals
  13. Guide to the Destiny quests?

    Is there any info on what the content is like in the Destiny quests? There are a lot of them and it would take a long time to try them all out just to find ones I'm interested in. Thanks
  14. Guide to the Destiny quests?

    Thank you!
  15. I've read the stat/max thread (https://playpso.net/forums/topic/44-max-stat-plans-and-improvised-calculator/ and also used the calculator here: http://psobb.epizy.com/maxstat.php Planning out mags, materials, and gear for a FOnewm, I broke it down into 2 options. Option 1: DOES IT ALL Gear includes: ADEPT + v802: MAG: 0/139/54/7 1) ATP capped (1 over) 2) ATA capped 3) 49 Mind mats needed. 4) 40 LUCK mats needed Remaining: 61 mats for dfp/evp Option 2: DOES IT ALL Gear includes: v802 (in case you want flexibility, not having to use adept all the time) MAG: 0/106/94/0 1) ATP capped 2) ATA capped 3) 61 Mind mats needed 4) 45 Luck mats needed Remaining: 44 mats for dfp/evp Option 3: NUKER! (more weapon dmg) Gear includes: ADEPT + v802: MAG: 90/0/54/56 DFP mats: 28 EVP mats: 30 ATP mats: 60 MST, DFP, EVP, ATA maxed. ATP -93 from max. Luck -90 from max. Option 4: NUKER! (not dependent upon using adept) Gear includes: v802: MAG: 45/0/94/61 DFP mats: 55 EVP mats: 35 ATP mats: 60 MST, DFP, EVP, ATA maxed. ATP -167 from max. Luck -90 from max. CONCLUSIONS/QUESTIONS: 1) OPTION 2 is the most flexible. You can use weapons, nuke, etc. You have given up a lot of DFP and EVP though. 2) OPTIONS 3 and 4 are pure nuke, best possible defense, while also allowing weapon specials via maxed ATA. Option 4 is more flexible since you don't have to use ADEPT. After going back and forth a million times, I think I am leaning towards OPTION 4. I have HUs and RAs to use weapons on. Thoughts on all this analysis?
  16. Weekend Mini Event

    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I got one. Thanks!
  18. Returning Player

    Howdy @Rsnemesis! I've really enjoyed playing with ya!
  19. I always love melee on RPGs and so I've usually played HU- characters more than anything. Though my first 200 will be a RAmarl simply because it always seems RAs are easier to group with before you have great gear. In deciding where to focus my efforts I want to understand the pros and cons of the different HU characters. I also know some of the rules on Destiny are different (like giving HUmar's lvl 15 s/d thank goodness, or else they'd just be garbage). I am operating under the assumption this data for shifta/deband is right: https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Shifta https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Deband And these stat caps are right: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KQ27OkgurNck1whdU9d8fed8isYQa41r7Y2Qt3Cj_T0/edit#gid=606563912 That results in the following solo (self-buffed with S/D) stats: HUmar - best ATP and ATA by only a little. Defense is meh and Evasion is crap. HUnewearl - near best ATP and ATA, massive Evasion. Good Resta. Do they get jellen/zalure? HUcast = great ATP in groups when buffed by someone else's s/d. ATA is sad. DFP and EVP really suck actually. HUcaseal = 2nd best ATP in groups. Have an item that can self buff s/d, right? Great ATA and EVP. Defense not great. Q1: Are there any other animation or weapon option differences I should be aware of? Q2: The female HU get access to some powerful weapon, right? Q3: Is the S-red blade the same as vanilla? A level 3 shift/deband? That's +12.6% and changes things a bit: https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=S-Red's_Blade Q4: At HUmar/HUnewwearl attack techs even worth thinking about or factoring them in? Or is it really just shifta/deband and resta that matter here. Obviously in a group with a FO, the -casts are going to really soar with their higher base stats getting buffed by the level 30 shifta/deband. And same thing for when they use Milla/Pilla shift/deband buff from their mag. HP: The HP of HUmar and the two *casts is solid. This is probably the main area where Huney is behind. But at 2k+ hp does it matter? Personal bias: Having resta means you can keep rolling without having to run out of mates. That is pretty nice. I have a state/maintenance now (woot!) so while it takes a unit slot, it means my Humans and Newmans have that problem handled. So my humans/newmans save 2 inventory slots (no telepipes, no sol atomizers), but probably give back 1 or 2 slots to fluids. Given all this, I'm not sure where to lean on my preference for my primary HU character. Maybe that means they are balanced? Of course there are some questions about about things I don't yet understand. What do you all think of the different HU- classes and any other helpful suggestions on how to think about this when deciding which one to prioritize? Thanks!
  20. HUmar, Hunewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal

    Added HP info to original post. So what do you all think about the different HU* classes and how they compare in overall power/function and playability?
  21. HUmar, Hunewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal

    I thought the female HU had an extra double saber weapon they had access to? Maybe I am just thinking of their animation. What makes the female animation for double sabers better? Who has the better SWORD animation? It sounds like you prefer the female HU and I assume it all boils down to animations? And then android vs. android is solo vs. team, with android being better in a team?
  22. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Thanks. KI and I farmed that darn bird for 4 hours last night/this morning, including the whole Happy Hour. NO DROPS! ROFL! ARGH! /shakes fist
  23. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Where/how do you grind "proof of sonic team" to turn a spread needle into an arrest needle? I guess specifically, what's the whole process of turning one of my spread needles into an arrest needle (so I make sure I know everything). Thanks!
  24. Are teams still a thing?