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  1. B> S/D/J/Z [Lvl 27-30]

  2. B> S/D/J/Z [Lvl 27-30]

    Looking for lvl 27-30 support techs listed in title. Willing to pay 1 PD each.
  3. Zwene´s Shop

    Resta 30 - 1 PD?
  4. Assistance for a friend

    I am attempting to get a friend to play the game with me, but when creating his account name as Nok'Zul it forced a forward slash or some such nonsense into his name and won't let him log in (even with adding the slash). He sent in a request for support but has not heard back in about a week, so I'm attempting to get him help here. He wants to use his regular email and was wondering if his account can be deleted so that he can just start over? Or maybe just change it to just Nokzul so that the apostrophes and slashes aren't messing things up? I can give you his email address in a message if that will help as well.
  5. Looking to get your 40h gush raygun, the h/power, 50h charge calibur please!

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    2. Tovox


      When and where should I meet you?


    3. ★BEE★


      Whenever we're both online I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      I added you to the pickup list in my thread. If you're on at the same time I seen you in game last time that should be fine.

    4. Tovox


      You playing today?

  6. Commands

    What's the command to change sec id? nvm, found it... sorry