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    @R-78 no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cg lmao
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    All the Winners Collected there Prize. This is what they picked and rolled. Good job all and thanks thanks again for the Symbol chats you all made. 1st Place: @torico FINAL EGG BLASTER [0/0/0/0|57] (Rolled 57) 2nd Place: @HHawk4 SNOW QUEEN [0/0/0/0|90] (Rolled 90) 3rd Place: @R-78 YASMINKOV 9000M [0/0/0/0|91] (Rolled 91)
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    Sry to ask for help i m player from years back in dreamcast now i need your help pls
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    Ok, the auction is over. Holbewone won! Thanks for participing.
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    Valentine's 2021! Love is in the air <3 Valentine's Chair Special thanks to @Shiva for an amazing valentine's chair and the lobby theme. Valentine's Crate Notes Valentine's Crates drop the same way as Daily crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a Valentine's Crate. It's not allowed to farm these crates with multiple accounts at the same time. Flower Bouquets Flower bouquets drop randomly from all monsters. Find 15 and exchange them with a GM to add a special to a weapon that doesn't have a special yet or to change a special from a weapon. Redeeming starts after the event ends. (Flower bouquets have the same rate as the valentine's Crates) x10 XP & Free Section ID For for the whole event! Special Valentine hunt Wing's of Life "A set of holy wings that boost support techniques." This shield boosts Resta & Reverser & Moon Atomizer range by 100%. Class: All. Limited edition, meaning it drops during Valentine's only, and may or may not return next year. Drops from Dark Falz: Pinkal, Redria, Oran. A special thanks to @Shiva for the pretty banner. Also a special thanks to @Magictrick for his work. Event will last for around 3 weeks. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's from Destiny!
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    Hi! i received this yesterday, I don't use it, so I will give it to the person with the highest price. This auction over in 48hrs counting since this post was created. 1 DT = 10 PD = 2 PT Good luck! ※ Added at 2:00 pm on February 20th. Only PGF is accepted in 50DTs conversion (however, up to 1)
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    Welcome! What is your in-game character name?
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    1hr 30min to end. Go go go