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    Hey Siozek! first of all: Welcome and enjoy your stay here yes the first step is that you have to finish the government quests until 4-1 is unlocked (this unlocks all single mode quests for p.ex. Dr. Osto's Research)
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    Thanks! Good to know I was on the right path. Alright! I'll keep chugging though the quests then. Thanks for the hospitality! Its been a blast playing PSO again Yall are awesome!
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    Hi and welcome! This might help you: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=327
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    Hey Everyone! New here! I mostly come from playing on the gamecube and remember the quest needed to convert monster parts was Dr. Osto's Research, but I'm having a hard time looking for it or unlocking the quest here on Destiny. I read somewhere I need to keep doing the Goverment quests, but I wanted to confirm if this was the right path or not. Thanks in advance yall!
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    Hello, I would like to know the value of this article: - M&A85 Fury 70/0/80/0/70
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    Conditions of my „mag shop“ have changed - for now i will only take request on Gael Giel Mags since it‘s the best mag in game and every other mag is a rip off in my eyes (my personal opinion) get your Gael Giel now!
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    Hey there, You want a Gael Giel mag? No clue how to feed it or just want to avoid that work? Shisui is the answer I‘ve specialized myself in feeding Gael Giel mags. Because its one of the best looking mags in game (my opinion) and on top of that it‘s the best mag of the entire server! I won't provide 0def mags I can provide the mag cell! PM me here or on discord if you looking for a Gael Giel mag! Cheers Shisui
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    1DT = 10PDs = 2PT PM Please(* ^-^ *)(日本語OKです) weapon unit/armor/shiled/item others wants PD / PT / DT
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    nice drop! M&A85 Fury is a nice weapon but its very situational.. there are a few weapons which outclass it (Yask9k demons/charge/berserk; Final Egg Blaster; D-Virus Launcher; Taste of Affection (close up) but I‘d say around 40 DTs (+/- 10DTs because of personal preferences and demand for it)
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    i am stay here is very funny! i see Mag Sato lovely in forest lol , amazing itens, i want all. but was hard take v802 lol
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    ... Well, now's a good time to go madman farming, since I'm all caught up on Path of Exile.
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    I am looking to trade my DESERT EAGLE [0/30/0/0|30] Want List Any high end mechgun hit/30 (that can be used by female characters) prefer Passion Haze or Celestial Fusion
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    Hey enjoy your stay ^^
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    Welcome ^^
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