Balanced Classes

All classes fit a unique specialty and purpose, without any weak links.

Awesome New Gear

Badass custom designs. Professionally balanced. Abilities never seen before!

Boosted magic

Forces that prefer to use magic, are no longer outclassed by hunters and rangers.


Epic Battles

On the higher difficulties, we put extra focus to improve miniboss and boss fights.

Unlimited Playstyles

Build your character any way you want with endless unique possibilities.

Free to win

All essential items in the entire game can be found year-round, at reasonable rates.


Beginner Friendly

x5/x10 XP, Ultimate drops x2, Infinite Mag Feed, Meseta Rooms, and more!

Daily Objectives

Play unknown quests and find rare item crates. All difficulties supported!

Random Mini Events

Randomly activated mini events, such as Happy Hours and XP Boost!



Your progress is safe. We rock automatic onsite and offsite backups.

All-inclusive events

Creative yearly events with new items, challenges, objectives, and fun!

Skilled Developers

Thanks to our talented devs, PSO becomes better every day.


Are you ready for the ultimate PSOBB experience?

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